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United States Concealed Carry Association Tip of the week: 7/2006

Gun & Gear Review By Tim Schmidt: NAA .380 ACP w/ Covert Carrier       

I got ahold of a North American Arms(NAA) .380 Auto with this neat little gadget attached to the grip. It is called a "Covert Carrier".  This little steel clip literally acts as a built-in holster!  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first. But after trying it out a few times, I was amazed at how the little gun practically disappeared in my waistband.      

Here is a sequence of pictures that show how this thing works...             

Getting the draw down with this type of a setup will take a little practice.  Also, the idea of reaching in your waistband to draw a pistol that does not have the trigger guard covered may make you a little nervous.

Nonetheless, I was really impressed at how well the Covert Carrier worked.

Jim Wakefield is the guy that makes these things.  He makes them for a whole bunch of other small pistols.

 I’ve talked on the phone with him a few times and he is a really nice guy.

Noted expert, Mr. Duane Daiker made the following comments after his, Personal "Real World Evaluation of the CovertCarrier."

"The Covert Carrier is the best of the holsterless clip systems.  The unique clip placement and design makes small guns almost disappear.  Few belt holster systems can provide the deep concealment of the Covert Carrier."

--Duane A. Daiker, is also a contributing Editor for Concealed Carry Magazine.


Excerpt from an Article by Jerry Ahern; Photo by Sharon Ahern

CovertCarrier-Seecamp Duo

Looking to the reliable hideout gun and knife to complete the potent undercover carry package, I chose a novel carry for a quite familiar handgun. The CovertCarrier features a stainless steel hook-like piece which is available as an aftermarket add-on for certain guns, as part of a grip sleeve for other guns or as part of a replacement grip panel for still other guns, among these the Beretta Tomcat 3032 and the Seecamp .32 or .380. When worn with the Seecamp, the black-coated stainless steel and the black grip will essentially vanish from sight when tucked into the waistband of dark trousers, a dark belt over the hook-like appendage. Almost nothing of the gun rises above the belt line. This is a fine way to carry a smallish back-up automatic. Whereas with a pocket holster of any type reaching for the pistol successfully when seated is quite a challenge, when using the CovertCarrier, the gun can be positioned anywhere on the waist and brought into service from any body position. This versatility is particularly useful with a back-up gun, especially when the primary ordnance is in a balanced shoulder holster. Whether it’s the primary gun or the spare ammunition on the other side of the rig, guns worn in belt holsters or inside waistband holsters in any conventional position – strong side between the hip and the kidney, etc. – will regularly collide with the butt of the primary ordnance or the offside unit. It cannot be avoided. Pocket holsters prevent this, of course, but are not readily accessible at all times, as stated above. The CovertCarrier takes care of the reliable hideout gun portion of the potent undercover carry package.

Patriot, Law Enforcement Officer and renown Author Mr. Wiley Clapp writes about the Large Universal Sleeve

Covert Carrier: New concept on an old idea.

By Wiley Clapp

The idea of a clip or hook built onto a pistol is centuries-old. The clip permits the handgunner to attach the gun to his sash, belt or bandoleer instead of carrying it in a much more bulky holster.

It's a concept that has merit, particularly in view of today's light clothing, featherweight guns and rust free gun materials. A new company called Covert Carrier, Inc., has come out with a modern refinement of the gun clip concept.

They install their nicely engineered clips to project forward from the rear edge of the auto pistol grip.  In use, the gun   rides just below-and inside-the waistband of a pair of trousers with the only part of the gun visible is the clip.  This keeps the gun from dropping below the belt line and within easy access.

The concealed carry handgunner simply draws the pistol with a pinching action that lifts it from its concealment location and right into the shooter's hand.  This is a good-looking gear for the concealed-carry proponents.

CovertCarrier, Part 1 USCCA Gear Review

This week, we're going to take a look at a very cool product that you may have seen advertised inside our magazine. It's called the covert carrier, and they can be found on their website,

The way the carrier works varies from pistol to pistol; and, is usually attached either by totally replacing the grip panel of a pistol; or, by simply stretching a band around the handle of the pistol. This week, we're looking at the model that replaces the grip panel on the pistol, and in a couple weeks, we're going to be looking at the stretchy kind.

The whole idea of this product is to totally do away with the need for a holster. With this product, you simply slide the hook over your waistband, and let the pistol ride inside your waistband ('IWB' position of concealed carry). Any IWB position works with this product, but even though when I do carry IWB it's at the 4:00 position, I found the one o'clock position to be the most comfortable here, with this particular pistol - a Beretta Tomcat.

Now I gotta say-here's what I love about the Covert Carrier:

  • The little Tomcat pretty much disappears when I put it on. I can be wearing tight jeans with a tucked in shirt, and concealing the Tomcat with this is not a problem. Not only that, but as narrow as the pistol is, you almost forget it's there.
  • For just a clip, this thing holds the gun in place really well! It uses the natural tightness of your pants against your waist to hold it securely, so much that I went for a jog with this thing on, and it never felt like it was about to pop out, or slide around my waist.
  • Drawing is easily done, as the Covert Carrier's clip doesn't actually pinch at all, it's just slid on. The only bad thing I noticed about drawing with the Tomcat, is the magazine release button happened to be right where my thumb   pinched the handle inside my pants, so as I drew, the magazine popped out a couple times. This is more of a Tomcat issue though, and could be easily adjusted to - I just am not used to carrying a Tomcat.

One thing that I was concerned about was that the clip might change the ergonomics of the grip, but surprisingly, it doesn't. It's kind of positioned in a way that uses the arc of your palm to avoid it contact much. However it works, it's very comfortable to shoot with!

Friends, I really can't imagine a better way to carry a Tomcat, or any other little pistol of comparable size. It absolutely passes the Tim Schmidt test!! For more information, check them out at their website.

CovertCarrier + GLOCK USCCA Gear Review

Do you all remember the review I did a couple weeks ago, of the cool little Covert Carrier device on that little Beretta Tomcat?   When I did that review, I made a promise to all of the people who have been asking... "Does the Covert Carrier actually work on a   GLOCK?"  This week I am answering that question!

First of all, due to popular demand, Covert Carrier does indeed make a model of their Covert Carrier for the GLOCK pistol. BUT- the design of the carrier is primarily meant for smaller pistols, but more on that in a minute. Unlike the Beretta Tomcat, which utilizes a new grip panel that has a Covert Carrier built in, the GLOCK model uses a rubber "glove" with the Covert Carrier clip attached. The glove is stretched over the handle of the Glock, and positioned similarly to the Beretta.          

Installation: The actual stretching of the glove over the handle is fairly difficult. It's certainly not difficult to the point of needing a gun smith to install, but I have a pretty   firm grip, and I did find it to be a job. It's not something that you can just  slip on when you need to use it, and slip off for range time, or when you want to use another holster. I found that the best way to put it on, is to work the rubber before hand for a minute or so, by stretching it out to make it more pliable. I then slid the glove over the back of the handle as far up as I could, and then used my index finger to stretch the front part of the Carrier over the finger grooves of the handle. This will get it about 1/3 of the way on, and from there, you kind of "shimmy" it up millimeter by millimeter.

Removal: Taking the Covert Carrier off is actually a piece of cake. You just pinch the bottom and tug, and it comes off with just a little force.

Concealment / Wearing: Similar to the Beretta, carrying with the Covert Carrier is about as minimal as you can get when   carrying IWB, meaning it's incredibly concealed. The GLOCK is wider than the single-stack Beretta though, so it does create more of a bulge, but I found it to stay firmly in place, and be reasonably comfortable. Though much thinner than carrying with a holster, I did notice that when you take away the padding your average holster offers, the GLOCK is a little more rigid than I ever noticed before.

Shooting: This is the part that differs from the Beretta. When shooting the Beretta, you really don't notice the Covert Carrier at all. With the GLOCK though, whether it's because of the increased recoil, or the short "two finger" handle, the place where the clip contacted the palm of my hand became uncomfortably sore after just a few shots. To correct this, I tried these two things- both of which resolved this problem: 1) I adjusted my gripping technique so that the majority of the recoil was transfered to the "webbing" of my hand, up high between my thumb and fingers. I also rolled my fingers back off the front of the handle slightly, to allow more space between the side of my handle and my palm. 2) I bought grip extensions for the GLOCK. Adding the extra area of grip took a lot of the required pressure away from the Cover Carrier's clip area.

So there you have it! If you prefer Inside the Waistband carry and carry a GLOCK, you might want to give this thing a try. Cool, refreshing new product idea! Find more information on these things at Covert Carrier's website.

Both Civilian and Law Enforcement acceptance of the Covert Carrier has been strong: Read On!

"Note also that there is a trend among progressive trainers to carry the concealed gun in front of the hip in the appendix position."  Ralph Mroz
            Use the link below to read the complete Mroz article: Off-duty Carry

And finally, reviews and comments, from the men and women that have purchased the Covert Carrier. These individuals have selected the Covert Carrier as a concealment aid; and, as a tool in their efforts to defend their lives and the lives of their loved ones on a daily basis.

Customer Comments:

"I don't believe there is anything comparable to the Covert Carrier on the market today...The Seecamp and the Covert Carrier seem to be made for each other." - D.H. from FL

 ''Wow guys, ran a bunch of ammo through the little Colt.  The grip was perfect.  Felt good...and may have even improved my marksmanship.  No discomfort in any way.  Thanks for a great job, and a great product.'' - R.H.

"Excellent Invisible Holster makes (the) grip for (my) LCP even better."    - F.P. from HI

"Installed it on my NAA Guardian (Grip Panel Replacement) took about a minute...This is a marvelous invention...Covert Carrier is comfortable to wear either standing or sitting and I may now draw quickly from either position. What a great product! Thanks"  - S.F. from SC

"Best thing going for concealed carry." - J.D.S.

"Perfect for my KELTEC P32, easy to put on and built to last. I am very satisfied." - S.W. from GA

"Amazing product. Much more comfy than any other holster!" - K.C.S. from TN

 "I Just pruchased a Covert Carrier for my brother as a birthday gift.  I love the one I have and he just got a new NAA 32 ACP ... I tried  many, many holsters for my Seecamp before I found your product.  Now all my other holsters are gathering dust as I use the Covert Carrier exclusively."  - S.D. from Okc, OK

"Great product. I put it on my Kahr MK9 and it works like a dream." - L.L. from PA

"I told you that I would give you a report on how well the Seecamp worked...The fit was perfect. The clip hides itself behind the belt loop and the pistol goes below the top of the pants. It conceals my pistol 100%." - R.S. from Fl

"Works like a charm, makes my 21a just disappear! Anyone who CCWs needs one..." - B.W. from WA

"Got the Covert Carrier today.  Very easy to install on my Rohrbaugh R-9. I think I own just about every holster or device there is and your product is truly the best I have seen yet."  - R.J.R. from Ohio

"Wow, this is amazing!!! Never have to buy another concealment device again!!!!" - E.W. from TX