CovertCarrier® Product Line

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1.) Add-On Fastener:

A) Right Hand or

B) Left Handed

Cost  $32.00  [Buy Now]

Metal Fasteners before installation


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The CovertCarrier Add-On Fasteners are designed to be added to small and medium sized semi-automatic "hideout" handguns, which have a removable grip panel. 

Minor modifications to the grip panel are required in order to install the CovertCarrier metal fastener.  Installations should be completed by a gunsmith, or Covert Carrier Inc.

To arrange for CovertCarrier to perform the installation of your add-on fastener contact us at:

Pictures and information pertaining to the installation of the CovertCarrier add-on fastener can be found at the bottom of our web site's FAQ page.  There you will find a down-loadable Pdf which details the method for installation of the CovertCarrier's metal fastener.

NOTE: The cost of CovertCarrier installations is $25.00 per panel.

Total cost for installation of a Metal fastener on a Plastic, Wood or Rubber grip is $57.00 ($32.00 for the metal fastener and $25.00 for installation).

compressedcolt32woodenhandleThe photograph on the right illustrates how the CovertCarrier Add-On Fastener can be affixed to a semi-automatic pistol with a removable grip panel.  In the photo a stainless steel add-on fastener has been added to a Colt handgun; it represents an ideal combination of pistol and carrier for a small "hideout" type of handgun.






2.) Universal Sleeves:

Cost $43.00  [Buy Now]

CovertCarrier Universal Sleeves come in two distinct sizes: Small and Large.  Both size sleeves are designed to slip over the handle of a semi-automatic pistol.  And, NO modification to the gun is required.

 The Large Universal Sleeve
The Large Universal Sleeve
 The Small Universal Sleeve
The Small Universal Sleeve
  Left Hand Small Universal Sleeve
Left Handed GEN II Universal Sleeve

 The Universal Sleeves are designed for polymer handguns.  They are for Polymer handguns or, a handgun which an owner chooses not to modify with an Add-on fastener.

A listing of handguns that the Small and Large Universal Sleeve can be adapted to can be found below; it includes many but, not ALL pistols that have been found to be compatible with our Universal Sleeves. Sizing Information is thought to be reliable; however, it is NOT Guaranteed.

A) Small Sleeve Applications:

  • Accutec
  • Beretta Jetfire 25 & Pico
  • Colt 32 & Mustang
  • Davis
  • Double Tap
  • Glock 42
  • Intratec
  • Jennings
  • JA 22, 32 & 380
  • Kahr 380
  • Kel-Tec P32, P-3AT/380
  • Kimber Micro & Solo
  • Phoenix Arms 22
  • Raven
  • Ruger LCP
  • Sig 239 & 938
  • S&W Bodyguard 380
  • Taurus PT 738, TCP 380 and tip-ups.

NOTE: For custom fits on a certain pistols a "SINGLE" straight line cut is recommended. We recommended that owners DO NOT use multiple cuts or cut a niche in the rubber.  A series or niche cuts may cause the sleeve to fail!

B) Large Sleeve Applications:

  • AMT: Back-up: 380, 9mm & 45
  • Bersa: Thunder 32, 380 CC, Thunder 380
  • Beretta: Nano
  • Boberg XR9/ 9mm
  • Cobra: CA32, CA380 and Patriot
  • Colt: Government
  • Diamondback: DB380/.380 or 9 MM
  • Glock: 26, 27, 33, 36, 38, 39, 43 (Baby Glocks and Slim line Models)
  • JA .380- (Large panel with 2 threaded fasteners)
  • Kahr: CW 9, PM 9, MK 9, CW 40, PM 40 & K-40 or 45
  • Kel-tec: PF-9, P-11, P-39, P-40
  • LC9
  • Makarov 9MM
  • Rohrbaugh 380, 9mm
  • SIG: 232, 250 & 290
  • S&W CS9/9mm
  • Sccy 380, 9MM
  • Taurus: Millenium PT 145, PT 140, PT 111, Pro 45, TCP 9mm
  • Walther: P 22, PP, PPK, or PPK S

NOTE: The Large Sleeve is designed for narrow handled Pistols with single stack magazines, or double stack magazines with a back strap width of "NO" more than 1.18 inches.


 The Large Universal Sleeve is recommended for larger size and caliber handguns.  Ideally, this application should be combined with a handgun, which has a single stack magazine, narrow handle, no grip safety, no tang, concealed hammer and one that is essentially designed at right angles.

  Should you have any questions regarding your handgun contact us at; we are ready to assist you 24/7

3.) Grip Panel Replacements:

Cost $48.00 [Buy Now]

Currently, we offer grip panel replacements for specific Beretta, North American Arms (NAA) and Seecamp semi-automatic pistols.  The grip panels are a unibody constructed option that includes a right side grip panel made to factory specifications and our Add-On stainless steel fastener embedded in it. Our replacement grip panels are designed so that all you have to do is remove your factory panel and replace it with ours. Descriptions of the grip replacements and photos of their installation can be seen below.            


BERETTA Grip Replacement:

  1. Bobcat
  2. Tomcat
  3. 21a              

NAA Grip Replacement:

  1. 25 NAA Guardian  (Small Grip Panel)
  2. 32 ACP Guardian  (Small Grip Panel)
  3. 380 ACP Guardian (Large Grip Panel)
  4. 32 NAA Guardian  (Large Grip Panel)

NOTE: We DO NOT make replacement grips, which fit the California Safety edition of NAA Pistols.


  1. Rohrbaugh R-9
  2. Rohrbaugh 380

NOTE: Limited to stock on hand  

SEECAMP Grip Replacement:

  1. Seecamp .25
  2. Seecamp .32
  3. Seecamp .380

NOTE: When removing or installing a grip panel on a California Safety addition model of a Seecamp pistol, ensure that all springs and inner workings of the gun are properly connected and functioning before deploying it.  

Grip Panel Replacement Photos:

The Beretta Grip Panel below fits the Bobcat, Tomcat and 21a Pistol(s).

The LARGE NAA Grip Panel fits the Guardian 32 and ACP 380

The Small NAA Grip Panel fits the NAA Guardian 25 or ACP 32

The Rohrbaugh Grip with Add-On fastener fits R9 & 380

The CovertCarrier Seecamp Grip Panel fits the 25, 32 and 380 Pistol(s)

If you still have questions email or, you can telephone (702) 245-6302.If you know which of our products is right for you and you are ready to BUY NOW, just click on the Buy Now link: [ Buy Now ]