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The following written information is designed to assist the consumer in answering many, if not all, frequently asked questions.


CovertCarrier® Inc. (CCI) warrants that all of our products are free of defects in workmanship and/or material. Our warranty does not however, cover any misuse, abuse, neglect, modification(s), improper installation, improper use, or improper handling. Furthermore, the black paint on our steel fastener(s) is not covered by warranty.

Should a product fail or fail to properly function as designed and/or manufactured, CCI or its representatives will be examined the item upon its return. We will identify, to the best of our ability, why the product failed and respond to the original owner/customer in a timely fashion. The cost of postage/shipping to return the item to CCI shall be paid for by the person returning the item; Postage and the cost associated with mailing or sending a new item back shall be the responsibility of CCI

If CovertCarrier® Inc., determines, in its sole judgement, that there is, in fact, a defect in material(s) workmanship, or the manufacturing process, CCI, will repair, or replace the product with one of equal or greater value.

Our Liability under this Warranty is LIMITED; it is limited to replacement, or reimbursement of the original purchase price ONLY! Shipping and Handling when applicable is NEVER refundable. Further, we, our agents and/or our assignees will not be responsible for any CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES whatsoever.

Effective January 1, 2008, all items sold by CovertCarrier to any individual, for personal use, not resale, and the sale originated from the CovertCarrier website, will be covered under warranty for as long as the original customer owns the item. All other items which are sold at auction, gun show, trade show or that is sold and/or re-sold by second or third parties will carry a maximum of a one year warranty from date of purchase. It should be noted that Proof of Purchase may be required.


CovertCarrier® Products are designed with single stack, essentially right angled or "squared off," narrow handled semi-automatic pistols in mind. To ensure the best utility possible for our product line, users should limit their deployment of the Add-On Fastener, Universal Sleeve, or our Grip Panel Replacement to weapons that are best described as pocket, sub-compact or small, semi-automatic handguns.

Items sold by CovertCarrier Inc. are NOT intended for any use or manner of use, other than those which are specifically articulated on the written pages of this web site; or, that have been memorialized in any publication authored or authorized for publication by Covert Carrier Inc.

LARGE and SMALL Universal Sleeves are not designed for multiple handgun usage; they are designed for single handgun usage. Covert Carrier does not recommend, nor will it warranty sleeves that are removed from one gun and then placed on another. The EPDM rubber WILL develop a memory and transfer from one handgun to another has the potential for causing the sleeve to fail.


Please direct all inquiries to our mailing address or e-mail address. Packages which are sent to CovertCarrier® Inc., should be identified with a complete name and address. Also, include a daytime telephone number and a brief description of the problem and your specific concern. Please note that any and ALL costs associated with the shipment of a product BACK to CovertCarrier® Inc., for evaluation and/or replacement are the sole responsibility of the customer.


In the case of work done by Covert Carrier Inc., its agents or assigns, on a removable grip plate or panel for the after-market installation of a stainless steel fastener, Covert Carrier Inc., shall be liable for no more than the fair market value or, retail cost of a similar, replacement grip plate or panel. *Effective September 2006 the charge for installation(s) of the Add-On Fastener to any handgun panel, will be $25.00.


The developers of CovertCarrier® intended that the stainless steel fasteners be painted in a dark shadow color such as black. The user may choose a different color based on need. In any event, in order for the metal of the carrier's fastener to properly adhere to the rubber sleeve, the stainless steel must be free of paint or any other surface barrier prior to the bonding agent being applied to the steel surface. On occasion the black paint, applied after the rubber and steel are joined, may peal or wear off.

CovertCarrier® suggests that a black permanent marker be used to cover any portion of the fastener where the stainless steel becomes exposed. Paint on the stainless steel fastener is not covered under our warranty.


CovertCarrier® is committed to personal and environmental safety. We recycle our metal fasteners for continued use. In the event that a product is returned, it must be accompanied with the original metal fastener, or our guarantee will not be honoured. We will inspect and evaluate the return and whenever possible the stainless steel fastener will be reused; however, it will only be used when we have satisfied ourselves that both the metal and the fastener are fit for reuse.


Sleeves are designed for use on a single handgun. The installation and removal of the sleeve from one handgun to another is discouraged and not appropriate for this type of application. Repeat installation and removal will, overtime, casuse the EPDM Rubber to fail. Individuals that purchase a Universal Sleeve and fail to adhere to this "single handgun" policy will void our replacement warranty.


If for some reason you are dissatisfied with your CovertCarrier® Inc., product, we will refund the cost of the purchase price, minus a 15% restocking charge. Email us at info@covertcarrier.com within 7 days of your decision to return your item, stating your intentions. Then the original owner/purchaser must return the item or items, postage prepaid, to CovertCarrier® Inc., no later than 30 days after his or her receipt of our product. When returning the item(s) please send it to either our mailing address or an address which is supplied to you by CovertCarrier personnel. Please include all packaging and written materials. Lastly, please indicate in writing, what the nature of the problem is, so we may take the steps necessary to improve the quality of our product line.


The Web Links which appear on this site have contributed to the development of the CovertCarrier website and showcasing its products and services on the web. Further, some but not all of the linked sites, which CovertCarrier®, Inc., has listed on their links page, have agreed to be and are reciprocally linked to CovertCarrier®.

NO endorsement, expressed or implied, should be inferred by the listing of a web site link now or in the past on the CovertCarrier®, Inc. links page. The decision to use, purchase or endorse any product or products, which are offered for sale by an individual or individuals, an organization, entity, its agents or assigns, is the sole responsibility of the consumer and/or customer. CovertCarrier®, Inc., has merely listed ALL linked web sites for informational purposes.


CovertCarrier®, Inc., is NOT a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL); we do NOT sell firearms; we are merely a firearms accessory company.


We accept personal checks, company checks, and money orders; however, we will not send an item until the check/money order has cleared our bank. We accept PayPal, Visa or MasterCard credit cards. Credit Cards are processed through "Authorize.net."


Items are sent via United States Postal Service (USPS) only after a transaction has been received, processed and finalized by Covert Carrier, Inc. On occasion delivery may take 6 to 8 weeks.

Website "free shipping" is limited to purchases made in the United States of America.

EXCEPTION: Military bases that US Soldiers are serving at; and, locations outside the USA that State Local or Federal Law Enforcement officers are on assignment to.

International shipping fees apply to all other purchases and will vary. Contact seller for those rates prior to purchase.


On occasion products photographed and depicted on this web site will vary; however, their utility will not. Parts and materials in our product line come from both on and off-shore sources.


LEO, Home Land Security personnel or active military personnel who purchase their products from our web site and then fill out a web site order form may be entitled to a 10% rebate/discount. Rebates cannot be combined with any other offer. Covert Carrier Inc. may request verification of duty/service status via ID card and/or ID Number, or by contacting base or agency of assignment The rebate/discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other form of sale and/or purchase including web site auctions, brick and mortar retail purchases, wholesale purchases and transactions, discounts or any other rebate offer(s).

Rebates to individuals and/or organizations will be provided at the sole discretion of Covert Carrier, Inc. Covert Carrier, Inc., reserves the right to cancel or end the 10% Rebate/Discount Program at "Anytime." Covert Carrier, its agents and assignees do not offer, and are not bound by this rebate/discount offer when a product is sold at an auction, a trade show, or any other form of local, state or interstate commerce wherein the product has been sold below Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).


The ABC's of Safety, as well as Installation and Use information for the CovertCarrier® are contained in our downloadable booklet. Just click the link below and receive your personal Pdf copy.

CovertCarrier® Information Booklet